Photo of the Week- Rescuers from IFAW Assist White-sided Dolphin

Photo of Week is a feature that highlights the work IFAW does around the world everyday to rescue orphaned, injured, or mistreated animals.

John Delellis and other rescuers from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and The Cape Cod Stranding Network (CCSN) assist white-sided dolphin that was stranded near Wellfleet Harbor on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Changes are on the horizon for the dolphins, whales, and seals that strand on Cape Cod and beaches around the world. The Cape Cod Stranding Network (CCSN), a small non-profit organization founded in 1998 and dedicated to responding to stranded marine mammals on Cape Cod and southeastern Massachusetts, announced it is in formal discussions to merge with IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare -   

With a staff of only five individuals and a dedicated corps of more than 300 local volunteers, CCSN responds to 500-700 reports of stranded marine mammals each year. Under the proposed agreement, CCSN, including its employees, volunteers, and expertise, would become part of IFAW.  “The entire CCSN staff is incredibly excited about this move.  Utilizing the existing resources at IFAW will lessen our administrative burden, give us access to IFAW’s international scientific and animal rescue experience, and will allow us to better focus on our mission of stranding response, research and public education.  This is a huge leap forward for us and for the animals,” said Katie Touhey, Executive Director and Senior Scientist of CCSN.

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11 years ago

Excellent news about the coming together of the two organisations and great news for the marine mammals around Cape Cod.

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