News Round-up: Headlines From Around The World Reveal The Saga Of Animals Being Hunted


1. The Canadian seal hunt began last week on April 2, when the Canadian government announced 270,000 seals are allowed to be hunted this year.

Sea_turtle_boar_2 Lion_cubsThe IFAW team has been there for the whole thing and reports daily.

2. Chinchillas, once hunted for their fluffy pelts, are now being raised in captivity in Peru and are worth more alive than dead, reports The Australian.

3. A second illegal Chinese fishing vessel was caught Wednesday in waters off Sabah, Malaysia, with more than 250 protected turtles on board. The Daily Express reports men recovered 220 dead turtles, 19 turtle shells and about 20 turtles kept in the vessel's compartment. Additionally, three live sharks were also found in another compartment.

4. China, who is infamous for using tiger parts in tradition medicine is wanting to breed tigers and allow for the trade of tiger parts, at the upcoming CITES convention. The Chinese claim that breeding tigers exclusively for their parts will reduce poaching of tigers, reports DNAIndia.

5. Just this morning, news is circulating about a fire that engulfed a Jacksonville animal shelter. Sadly most of the animals did not make it out alive, leaving dozens of animals dead.

6. Preliminary investigations by officers from the Kenya Wildlife Service reveal that a vicious lion cub smuggling ring exists in the war ravaged Somalia. Officials have been trying to define how this is happening and are upset that buyers are keeping lion cubs as pets.

7. White rhino poachers have been caught and are now facing trial, reports a local African news source.

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