Preparing for the Slaughter - Canada's Seal Hunt Starts Monday

Pup_on_the_ice_2While sealers will be starting to hunt older seals this coming Monday, younger pups (like the one on the left) are struggling to hold onto the poor iceflows that can't support mother and child.

Here in Canada, around the world and on the Internet, there is a lot of discussion about things like how these seals aren't an endangered species, and how they've grown even more abundant and so they are in no danger of disappearing...

Um...this really isn't the point...the point is that clubbing an animal, on the skull, and then skinning it to create luxury items is cruel.  These animals are suffering, and yes certainly a tangential/absurd argument can be made that there are other animals who are less 'cute' who are harvested for the worlds use day in and day out...and to that I say that IFAW works dilligently to make a better world for all animals and people as much as our limited resources an approach that considers soveregnty, respects cultures, observes and operates within the boundaries of law.

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11 years ago

This terrible slaughter has started apparently with the full blessing of all the parties in the Canadian Parliament.

11 years ago

Once again this terrible slaughter of young pups will begin. It is unbelievable that this is still allowed to go on. 270,000!!! Our government must be crazy to allow this, especially in a year with such poor ice conditions. Sometimes I think it will never stop until the seals are all gone the same way as the cod. The DFO should be ashamed of itself. If I could go to the ice and save one seal from this disgraceful hunt I would.

11 years ago

This is totally senseless & Cruel. Why in a day of so much technology do we need to slaughter such animals. For Fur ?? Why ?? We have enough materials that can keep us warm. Various sythetics , fabrics etc...
To me this is a CRIME. These people should be sentenced to such a death themselves. Reguardless if they are Cute or not... this is done for 1 reason only Money . The so called fashion industry should be shot for promoting the use of fur.
Each person that buys these coats should have to get off their high heels they wear, and have to do the dirty work themselves. Including the Killing , skinning, and sewing of the coat/ garmet.
I guarentee you we would see alot less fur on Humans. They deserve to stay on these Beautiful animals where they belong.
It is totally sickening....
Kathy Petersen

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