Rhino's Make A Move To Get Their Homeland Back!

Rhinorelocation00A juvenile one-horned female rhino at an IFAW funded rehab center in India, grazing before her long-awaited move to Manas National Park.

Two Asian greater one-horned Asian rhinos have successfully made it through all the hours of planning and preparation for the largest wildlife trans-location Manas National Park has seen in years!

In November, the decision was made and the agreement was finalized by all necessary parties (IFAW, Wildlife Trust of India and the Forestry Department) to move two juvenile rhino females into the Manas National Park. Why is this such a wonderful story??? Because the one-horned rhino has not existed in the Manas National Park for more than 10 years!

The juveniles were rescued from the area of annual flooding by the Brahmaputra River two years ago and have since been rehabilitated at the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC), in Northeast India. CWRC cares for a variety of animals, but has routinely taken orphaned rhinos and elephants into their care following the flood seasons. The rehabilitation program is designed to provide care for the animals so that they are capable of being released back into the wild.

Preparation: The rhino has to go where...?

Transport and Release: Getting There Is Never Easy

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10 years ago

It's nice to know that at least someone is trying to reintroduce wild animals back where they belong. Great work!

11 years ago

Hi Amee - stay tuned we're going to have some video up pretty soon of the two girls moving to their new home!

11 years ago

That is good news! Very exciting indeed. :)

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