Bear Cubs Rescued From Abandoned Den


More news from the Pazhetnov Orphan Bear Project in Russia:

Three bear cubs are the new arrivals at the bear rehabilitation center. The cubs were found alone inside a den, just 2 weeks after birth. Why were they alone? - It's and all too common occurrence in this hunting and logging area. Read my previous post on mother bears being hunted. It is believed that the mother of these cubs was scared off due to the noise of logging in the area.

At the rehabilitation center, these cubs will receive attentive care. For the weeks ahead they will be kept in a box that is heated just on one side, so as to not overheat. They will also receive milk through a bottle several times a day.

"The bear cubs eat approximately every three hours and consume 50 grams of milk each time.  In this period of their lives there is no fixed schedule for feeding.  The signals for feeding time are their snarling and crawling.  In a den the mother bear starts to produce milk only when her nipples are irritated by the cubs," reports the Pazhetnov Rehabilitation Center.

Ideally, around the age of 8 months, these cubs will be allowed to attempt life in the wild and will be released into a Russian reserve area. Over 70 bear cubs have been successfully released into some of Russia's protected areas where brown bear population numbers are very low. Image_6093 Rangers then track the brown bears though the summer and note where they hibernate in the winter.

I've attached two photos on this blog post because these guys are just so cute! But visit our Flickr page for more adorable shots, People's Daily Online also has some good ones.


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