Dog Buried Alive!! The story that is circling the world....

Mn_dogburied_sans_attributiAP - Katie King

I was en route to Dallas, TX yesterday, waiting for my connecting flight in Chicago when CNN reported on an upsetting, true nightmare story coming out of Florida: a dog buried alive. The video they provided showed the horror in this innocent dog's eyes, nervous of trusting the closeness of another human, and lost in the reality of his survival. Thanks to a neighbor's willingness to investigate a foreign animal's cry for help from underground, the dog now rests at a local animal shelter.

Dogster reports on this story as well:

"This story points out the value for all of us of being alert to what is happening around us in our neighborhoods! Happy barks go out to Robby Wilson! You’re our kind of guy!"

Click here to watch the video.

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