News Round-up: Frida the lion cub and snow leopard rugs

South_africa_lion IFAW - A lion cub resting in dry grass at the Komdraii Conservancy in South Africa.

1. A happy ending for a rescued lion cub named Frida could soon make a turn for the worst. Mail and Guardian reports on a story from South Africa, where a female lion cub roams a canned hunting farm called Vier Pfoten (Four Paws). The cub arrived in South Africa after having been rescued from poor captive conditions in a Romanian zoo. The rescuers, knowing very little about canned hunting or the fact that Vier Pfoten was a canned hunting farm, released Frida into their care. The fight to transport Frida to a non-hunting sanctuary remains a challenge.

2. Marine life is known to strand along the eastern coast of the US. See previous post on Cape Cod dolphin strandings. This week, it has been reported that sea turtles are stranding in large numbers in Florida. Naples News reports that it is due to red tide.

3. Canned hunting is making headlines these days. Business Day reports that long awaited regulations on the breeding of lions for canned hunting in South Africa has led to outcries by captive breeders threatening to euthanize hundreds of animals. Frida, the lion cub mentioned above, is just one of the individuals that may fall victim to this threat.

4. Common reveals that 12 dolphins are sitting in slaughter pens waiting to be exported to the Dominican Republic, where they will be used for entertainment purposes. However, environmental groups are opposed to the transfer saying that these purchases only fuel dolphin slaughter in Japan.

5. Foreign aid workers and soldiers encourage commercial trade of endangered species products?? Snow leopard skins are the item of most interest in Afghanistan, the Seattle Times reports, despite international protection of the species. Who would have thought those lending support in a war torn country would be the contributors of hunting endangered species. That's very confusing....

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