The Comfort of Sticky Rice

9am could not have arrived any sooner. For the past 25+ hours that I have been traveling, I
have so been looking forward to my very first breakfast in Indonesia: lontong. It’s a
traditional breakfast that couldn’t be any less healthy for you, but it’s just so heavenly. Day
old sticky rice in spicy sauce, yum!

Anyways, this sense of optimism in looking forward to good food, eased any oncoming worry upon
my arrived into Jakarta where I discovered my luggage had not made it with me. It just could
not be possible. How in the past 3 times I have traveled, my luggage had been misplaced each
time? It just wasn’t happening, is what I thought as the airport attendant confirmed, “Yes,
Jennifer, your bag is stuck in New York. We’ll call you when we find out more.” Huh?

Ok, so I told myself not to worry about it, I still have one day to spare before jumping on
another plane to Borneo. I just keep trying to think positively. In the meantime, I have met up
with Michael, IFAW’s communications coordinator for Emergency Relief. He briefed me on the
meetings he has been having with different media sources in the area and how, shockingly, none
of them have seemed to pick up on the endangered wildlife issue at hand. The haze across
Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia has captured media attention, but the impact these horrific
fires are having on wildlife just hasn’t been laid out as a compelling story, until now.

More updates tomorrow as we make our way over to Borneo to meet up with the BOS team, and see
first hand what these fires have done to previously pristine jungle habitats.

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11 years ago

I think what you're doing is wonderfull and worthy of recognition! I really appreciate it.
I was surfing the web earlier and came upon this title: Ethiopian Zoo Poisons Lion Cubs It Can't Afford. I hate to see any animals suffer or die by human stupidity, if there is anything at all that you can do, even if its simply informing someone in a better position to help, it would be the best thing in the world. I truely hope that you continue to save animal's lives.

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