Day 3: A Heartwrenching Scene

Darting ‘Maradona’ on arrival at Nyaru Menteng and inspection

An adult male Orangutan arrives in BOSF's Nyaru Menteng Center after confiscation operation in
Palm Oil Plantation. Shot Nov. 6, 2006.See more photos.

I’m sitting here in Kalimantan for the third night with much to report. We have been
overwhelmed with what we have seen, the stories we have heard and just the enormity of this
disaster situation in Indonesia. I’m struggling with where to start so that my experiences here
can be relayed.

I find myself remembering emails and letters that I had received over the past two years from
people who had visited Kalimantan as the oil palm situation escalated and the emotions they
reported back as well. To actually be here, to see the forests burning, the birds flying above
looking for a safe place to land, villagers walking around with masks over their mouths 24/7
all combined with the number of orangutans in rehab is heartwrenching.

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