Tragic Death Leads To New Hope for Pets

Dog_Owner_with_Picture AP Photo.

It’s Friday and I was just about to walk out of the office to head out for the weekend when I was forwarded this news release: Case of Dog Shot in Vermont Sparks Movement to Legally Recognize Bond Between People and Pets. The story is encouraging as much as it is tragic.

For anyone who has lost a pet, you know all too well how devastating that can be. So, to be able to channel that disappointment into strength, defying all risks of being painfully let down again, takes a remarkably persistent individual. Dennis and Sarah Scheele are battling against all odds to win a battle for the lives of many companion animals who are just now beginning to receive long awaited respect from our legal system.

Read their story here. Along with other bloggers out there regarding this issue, I would also like to send my support to this couple who are not giving up on the fight for something they believe in. If everything happens for a reason, than this is case in point that tragedy of one will relieve the suffering of many.

What is the general opinion on this issue?

The article brings up an interesting point; if legislation already exists is some form, protecting the rights of animals and their owners, should the courts be pressured to create even stronger legislation (as the case in Vermont)? Or should only the states that have absolutely no legislation be targeted?

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