Returning to Katrina

My colleague and emergency relief responder, Wit Davis, is en route to New Orleans as part of a post-Katrina follow-up effort. For the next week she will be providing updates and blogging about her experiences in the field:

It’s been over a year since Katrina ravaged lives, homes, businesses, and families. One year since an outpouring of kindness, selflessness, and generosity of a magnitude that is rarely seen in today’s America. And yet, as that year has passed the people who stopped everything to help the residents of the Gulf Coast and their animals have mostly gone on with their lives, returning to their routine even while many of the victims of Katrina have not.

This is why I find myself uprooted from my routine and headed to the Gulf coast. I’m off to visit New Orleans and Southern Mississippi to see what it looks like today: the streets, the buildings, how the people are living, and of course – to see how the animals are doing a year later...

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Nola_web_wit_spaytruck_1I am headed down south not only because IFAW responded during Katrina, but because IFAW is part of a group of organizations working to continue to improve animal welfare in the region. We have all come together to decrease companion animal overpopulation through increased access to spay and neuter programs.

I hope to observe how well these programs are working first hand by meeting with three of the local groups to see the reality of their everyday work to improve animal welfare, decrease overpopulation, and of course - to minimize the effects of disasters on animals and people in the Gulf in the future.  I’ll be sharing what I see over the next few days and I hope you appreciate my updates, particularly for those of you who can’t see it for yourselves.

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