National Whale Day in Australia

On Saturday 14th June IFAW launched Australia's first National Whale Day in Sydney to celebrate Australia’s connection to whales and the ocean and our ongoing fight to protect them. Special guests included Minister of the Environment, Peter Garrett (currently at IWC) and iconic singer Christine Anu.

Around Australia events were held by local councils and community groups, celebrating National Whale Day their way, from creating sand sculpture whales to fairs and festivals. 25 events were coordinated by members of IFAW’s Humpback Icon Project (HIP) – a whale adoption initiative which involves communities and councils all around Australia.

On the day IFAW launched Project 551, a photographic project showing Australians across the board making a whale tail with their hands. Some familiar Australian faces that feature are Barry Crocker, Derryn Hinch, Nikki Webster, Paula Duncan, Shane Dye, Hamish Rosser (The Vines) and Felix Reibl (The Cat Empire) with more to come.

The support for this project has been immense to check out the photos and add your own go to

To see a news report on National Whale day click here Download 03_sifaw_m00031037799.mpg

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