Killing elephants for unnecessary ivory products is senseless

Each violent poaching completely disrupts the perfect harmony of the herd, leaving many baby elephants orphaned or killed, or wandering aimlessly, in shock and disoriented, left to die.

Elephants are incredible creatures, majestic and grand. Elephants have been symbols of spirituality and inspired artists and dreamers in many cultures. They are emotional and sensitive, intelligent and capable of complex emotions. They can laugh, cry, play and are herd animals so they form strong "family" bonds with the other members of their herd.

The elephant’s roaming, beauty, and their deep connection to each other continually amaze me. I've been working on an animal, human love story that stars an elephant and I am determined to bring the plight of the elephant to the forefront through meaningful storytelling.

I hope that someday elephants will be free to live, breed and roam without the horrible threat of poachers. I believe there are still people who don’t realize that poachers KILL these amazing animals for their tusks. I think some people believe tusks grow back like baby teeth and that they can be removed without harming the elephant.

Of course this is not true and these extraordinary creatures are senselessly slaughtered for money. Each violent poaching completely disrupts the perfect harmony of the herd, leaving many baby elephants orphaned or killed, or wandering aimlessly, in shock and disoriented, left to die.

All adult elephants are killed because they are fiercely protective of the other members of their family-herd and will charge and kill anyone who is hurting their loved ones. The elephants cry and scream and there is nothing they can do to fight against this human atrocity.

The ivory trade is horrific and I am absolutely appalled that the US is one of the top buyers of ivory.

For what?

That's the big question. Meaningless trinkets, jewelry, boxes, what could be worth the murder of such an exquisite animal? Nothing, in my opinion. I love elephants and I support the International Fund for Animal Welfare for helping to preserve and protect elephants for the next generation of spiritual artists and dreamers.

-- Melora Hardin

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6 years ago

I completely agree with u! I love elephants so much it hurts my heart to know that these magestic creatures are being slaughtered 4 a useless jewelry box! I want to punch all the poachers who thinks its alright to kill innocent animals! I understand if they kill to feed but when the don't… I go to the garage and punch my punching bag! This is a sad thing and needs to be stoped. All the poachers out there! Read this: how would u feel if u were home one day and someone came in and shot u with a gun for ur money? Huh? That's what u do to the elephants! Think twice before u waste a life, because yours might be wasted too

6 years ago

It is proven that elephants mourn the loss of their loved ones. In some cases these beautiful creatures die of a broken heart. The only thing more cruel then nature it self is man. For money man is stupid and cruel. And because of this, is much lower on the evolutionary scale then any animal in the wild. My heart breaks every time I hear of the senseless distruction of any animal. Man hunts with a gun, not to feed himself or his family, but for so called sport. Where is the sport in killing with a gun?

6 years ago

When I was a child, my dad, on one of his business trips brought me home an ivory pin carved to look like elephants. At the time I was so naive, that I thought ivory meant ivory soap, lol. As I grew up, I learned more about it and I remember being told that harvesting ivory from elephants had become illegal and that the US made it illegal to import Ivory. So, with this article I am guessing that all I was told was untrue?
I still have that pendant but I stopped wearing it when I found out where it came from. These inhumane actions need to be stopped. They are beautiful unique creatures that should never be harmed for the sake of stealing their ivory. This makes me so very sad. :(

6 years ago

Elephants have been shown to suffer similarly to humans when a loved one dies: they grieve, they exhibit symptoms of depression, and some even believe they can suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from a violent encounter with poachers. Furthermore, elephants learn from their elders; if their elders are taken away, they don't know the right migration routes or where to go for food in times of drought. Whales are the same. All animals are intelligent, but it's baffling that people can continue to harm creatures that are clearly so close to humans in their thought processes and psychology simply for meaningless material goods.

6 years ago

we need to end/STOP this now...

6 years ago

No - so wrong!

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