Orphaned grizzly bear cub gets a second chance


IFAW staffer Kim Elmslie passed word over about the rescue and rehabilitation of a young Grizzly bear going on right now in Canada...here is the text of her note...

Hi All,

I received a call from Angelika Langen (Northern Lights Wildlife Society) and she is on her way today to pick up the first grizzly bear cub to go to her centre. This is very exciting news and will hopefully be the beginning of a successful grizzly bear rehabilitation program in the province of British Columbia. Currently, the cub will be kept in the centre's black bear enclosures and the grizzly bear enclosures have not yet been built. Angelika has received half of the funding to build the new grizzly bear area, including a $10,000 CAD grant from IFAW which is being processed this month.

It is a 20 hour round trip drive from Angelika's centre to the location of the cub so I should have more news and hopefully some images by tomorrow.

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From the press release...

Little Mandy, a 12 week old orphaned grizzly bear cub, arrived at the Northern Lights Wildlife Society in Smithers, BC today where she will be cared for night and day for the next 18 months until he can be released back into the wild.

IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare) is supporting a grizzly bear rehabilitation project to ensure that bear cubs like

Jackson get a second chance at life.

Northern Lights Wildlife Society has rehabilitated and released 107 black bear cubs but Mandy is the first in this new pilot grizzly bear project, which will monitor and evaluate cubs post-release.

“Mandy will be benefiting from the best care on offer and has an excellent chance of survival,” said Kim Elmslie, IFAW spokesperson.

“This is particularly critical given that the grizzly bear is listed as a species of special concern by COSEWIC (the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada).”

Angelika Langen, Director of Northern Lights Wildlife Society, has just returned from the first IFAW Bear Rehabilitation Conference held in Russia, which brought together world experts on bear rehabilitation and release.

“With Grizzly bears facing increased threats ranging from habitat loss to conflict with humans, we are just so pleased to be able to give this little gal another chance.”

Updates on Mandy’s rehabilitation can be found on the IFAW website at www.ifaw.org or on Northern Lights website at www.wildlifeshelter.com

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