No Place for Imperiled Wild Animals on Dinner Menus

Thursday, 7 July, 2011
Jeffrey Flocken, D.C. Office Director, IFAW  (International Fund for Animal Welfare -, issued the following statement regarding Georgetown restaurant Thunder Burger and Bar’s “Wild Wednesdays” exotic meat promotion:

“It’s deeply troublesome to see restaurants across the country promoting the sale and consumption of exotic meats, including lions.  

In March, IFAW and a coalition of wildlife groups petitioned the US government to list the African lion as endangered because of the population’s alarming decline.  Over the past two decades, the number of African lions in the wild has dropped by nearly 50 percent and today, fewer than 40,000 lions remain.  

Earlier this year, an Arizona-based restaurant was forced to remove African lion tacos from their menu because of public outrage.  We hope that Thunder Burger and Bar will reconsider their decision to include lion on future menus.  This iconic species is truly in danger.  Lions need to remain in the wild, not on our plates.”

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