You’ve got to see this: Watch one of Kiki’s puppies discover his voice!

Things are starting to get loud at my house!

Now that Kiki’s puppies are up and about, they’re starting to understand their surroundings and get a feel for their capabilities, including the use of their voices!

Now that the puppies are more than five weeks old, their ear canals have opened up and they’re starting to learn how to vocalize. They’ve mastered the use of all five senses, and have moved from the slow-motion newborn phase of life to fast-paced puppyhood.

They’re playing now with everything they can get their paws on – soft toys and balls, chew toys, their mom, and my dog Cata, who has become something of a nanny whenever Kiki needs a break from her energetic offspring.

Their puppy teeth are all in and they want to bite everything – including me.

They pull on my clothes and bite at my sandals whenever they’re within reach. They’re typical toddlers – anything they can find is fair game for playtime!

Play is a critical part of the growing process for puppies at this age. Particularly, the movement and social interaction that occurs during puppyhood with their siblings, mother, and humans, is very important for both their physical development but also for solidifying their behavior when they become adult dogs.

It’s so wonderful watching them beginning to learn about the world and themselves.

Listening to this little guy use his voice for the first time is so heart-warming.

I love how you can almost see him realizing that he’s making those sounds himself!


Be sure to stay tuned as Dr. Flores continues to update us on the progress of these adorable puppies.

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