WATCH: what makes Germany's wonderful Tiertafel pet clinic tick

Germany’s unique Tiertafel program, an International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) partner that heroically distributes food to pet owners in need throughout the country, is what it is because of a cadre of volunteers and Claudia Hollm, its ebullient CEO.

Join Hollm and IFAW Germany’s Alexa Kessler for a glimpse inside the workings of this community-changing venture. We also explore how Tiertafel staff aided IFAW’s Shannon Walajtys and Jennifer Gardner as they respond to disastrous floods that threatened farmers across the German countryside last spring.

Lastly, we meet Janine Brauer, who has come on as a full-time veterinarian for Tiertafel. Her tenure was supposed to be four or eight weeks, and two years later, she is still providing service to Tiertafel’s clients, who pay what they can, and IFAW picks up the rest.


For more information about IFAW Germany's Tiertafel project, visit our project page.

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