WATCH + DOWNLOAD best selling kids Critterkin ebook

Watch author Jena Ball reading Poco a Poco to a group of youngsters in the video above.


Since its release just 10 days ago, the new e-book inspired by IFAW’s work in Cozumel, Mexico has already shot up to #1 on the Amazon bestsellers list in its category. Even better, it’s currently FREE to download for all the most common e-readers!

IFAW worked with the Humane Society of Cozumel to rescue dogs (and some cats too) who were roaming at their dump a few years ago. The team found them new homes with loving families in Cozumel and, when necessary, farther afield in the United States.  

Their story has been captured with engaging characters and colorful illustrations in a new children’s e-book published by Harper-Collins and created by the producers of the highly successful Magic School Bus and Babysitters Club series.

Poco a Poco (Little by Little in Spanish) is the tale of how a mother dog and her puppy overcame hunger and hardship to find their forever homes. A discussion and study guide is included to encourage questions and self-discovery.

Critterkin: Meets the Mutts is a prequel to the new Critterkin series of stories that will not only delight your kids, but teach them the invaluable lesson that animals (critters) are family (kin). The cast of unlikely doggy heroes will not only entertain, but teach empathy, understanding and respect as well.

“I was inspired by IFAW’s work with communities around the world to find solutions for dog issues,” says author Jena Ball (aka the Critterkin character and leader of the pack, Miss Jenaia), an educator with more than 30 years’ experience in the classroom.

Jena and Marty Keltz, the other half of the Critterkin production partnership, Startled Cat, will continue to work closely with IFAW’s education team in developing discussion guides and lesson plans for all the Critterkin books.

They are also donating 5% of their gross royalties from the series to support IFAW’s animal protection and youth education work worldwide.

I encourage you to meet the Critterkin mutts!


Download your free copy of Poco a Poco for your ereader now!

And don’t forget to check out and share our newest Animal Action Education program, Cats, Dogs and Us, with your children, school and youth group. 


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