WATCH: Cinderella, our rescued Amur tigress, caught on camera

It’s not often that one gets to witness a day-in-the-life of a wild Amur tiger, one of only 350 left in the world. Well, thanks to a remotely-operated video camera with a bird’s eye view of her enclosure, this is as close as any of us are probably going to get.

The following is an unedited 4-minute video that shows “Cinderella” walking her enclosure, nervously surveying her surroundings and one or two more surprises.

Thanks to our loyal supporters around the world, the International Fund for Animal Welfare is able to help feed, shelter and monitor “Cinderella” through her rehabilitation process and keep her healthy until we can release her back to the wild in approximately 5 months’ time. 


Stay tuned as we continue to share updates on how Cinderella is doing at the IFAW-supported Inspection Tiger Rehabilitation Center in Far-East Russia.

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