WATCH: 3 videos celebrate motherhood’s vital role in sustaining animal species

For Mother’s Day, IFAW is sharing some video of mothers and young of the species we protect. --ED

Never underestimate the power of moms! In appreciation of every mom’s hard work and sacrifice, IFAW’s presents a three-video series about these mothers’ valiant efforts to tend their babies in difficult and sometimes harsh conditions:

Most animal babies are helpless without their mothers. IFAW’s rhino video showcases International Fund for Animal Welfare - Wildlife Trust of India (IFAW-WTI) team member Bhaskar Choudhury efforts to alert a mother to her calf’s whereabouts, so she can continue to protect and raise her baby.

For some species, motherhood is an arduous, multi-year commitment. IFAW’s elephant video presents scientist Cynthia Moss ‘s talk about elephant mothers after nearly 100 calves were born that year to the herd she studies in Amboseli National Park in Kenya.

Mothers nurture their young in all kinds of conditions. IFAW’s seal video presents the challenge of motherhood in the Magdalen Islands, located in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence’s northern waters.

IFAW helps mothers and babies of these and other endangered species survive and thrive. In honor of Mother’s Day, please help us continue our work.

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