Volunteers liven up Mdzananda with a mural

The new walls were in need of some colour and Raine and her friends jumped to the opportunity to paint a wall mural. Photo: ©Marcelle du Plessis/Mdzananda Animal ClinicJust in time for the start of the southern hemisphere spring, a group of energetic and creative volunteers painted a revamped shipping container at Mdzananda Animal Clinic into a happy mural of dogs, cats and riotous colour.

Pack leader Raine Naude contacted Mdzananda in July after reading about our Mandela Day Kennel Building event. She was eager to join in but couldn’t due to other commitments. Not giving up on assisting the animals of Khayelitsha she asked if there was anything else she could do with her friends to better the lives of the animals and staff at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic.

Mandela Day is an international event that celebrates the legacy of South Africa’s beloved late President Nelson Mandela, and asks the public to give up 67 minutes of their time to community service. While the day officially falls on 18 July, the concept of the idea is overarching – anyone can and should give up some of their time to help others less fortunate.

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We had just refurbished one of the shipping containers used as an extension to our hospital facility. Pets that come to Mdzananda for sterilisation are kept in this extension before surgery. The container was old, and showing the signs of some serious wear and tear.

It was time for a revamp.

Mr Stera Lalaphi, our maintenance manager, did a beautiful job of repairing the container with wood and insulation, and the result was a beautifully constructed, well heated comfortable room for Mdzananda’s patients. The new walls were in need of some colour and Raine and her friends jumped to the opportunity to paint a wall mural.

Raine was concerned her pack of fellow accountants would not produce a creative and beautiful art work but team work ensured for a stunning mural creation, with me drawing pencil outlines of dogs and cats as guidelines for the volunteers to paint.

Arriving promptly at 10 am the group mixed paint, and got busy. Within three hours they had created a beautiful mural of rolling hills, dogs and cats, birds and flowers.

The bright colours and smiling pictures give off an air of pure joy – the joy of creating something beautiful;  the joy experienced by our staff who put their hearts and souls into helping precious animals every day; the joy experienced by pets who arrive hurt and leave healed; the joy of owners who receive help for their loving animal friends.

Thank you to Raine and her wonderful team for spreading even more joy to our clinic and Khayelitsha.


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