Tupelo tornado dog survivors get adopted into loving families

Our great partners at the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL) sent in this heartwarming update of some very lucky dogs that survived a tornado and have now found new families. --MB

A young tornado survivor, sent from the over-burdened Tulepo Humane Society, arrives in D.C. in May. Many of these fortunate dogs have found their forever homes.

On May 15, WARL assisted the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) with the transport of 22 dogs from the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society in Tupelo, Mississippi.

The town had been devastated by an F3 tornado, and in order to provide room in their shelter for pets separated from families, WARL helped alleviate some of the overcrowding.

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Upon the animals’ arrival in Washington, D.C., each dog was checked in, vaccinated, given multi-vitamins, and scheduled for medical and behavioral evaluations to identify their individual needs.

A group of five retriever puppies were assigned Elvis-themed names, as Tupelo, Mississippi is best known as the birth place of Elvis Presley.

Several of puppies were treated for Coccidia, a common intestinal infection that occurs in animals with suppressed immune systems, which can be caused by stress.

WARL’s veterinary staff performed six spays and two neuters. Thirteen animals received microchips.

Some of the dogs required special care. A seven-year-old Welsh corgi named Florance was placed under supervision after volunteers became concerned about frequent and unusual urination.

Veterinary staff examined Florance’s abdomen by ultrasound and later identified two issues by x-ray - the presence of an unusual mass and hydrometra, a condition which occurs when the uterus fills with free fluid.


Hydrometra is treated with regular spay surgery and veterinarians removed the mass at the same time. Another dog from the group, a seven-year-old black and white Labrador retriever named Bowser, was treated for an ear infection.

All of the Tupelo dogs received the highest standard of care at Washington Animal Rescue League and 17 have already found new homes.

We have collected updates from many of the families who adopted dogs from the Tupelo group and have included their comments below.

  • Bowser (Terrier): "He is great! Wonderful! Our 9-year old is thrilled. He is now called Lucky but we are all lucky!"
  • Elvis (pup, Lab Retriever): "He is wonderful, adorable, and very social with people and other dogs. He is now called Digger because he digs in my yard, but he is just a delight."
  • Twyla (American Blue Heeler): “She is settling in quite well, she's been giving and getting lots of love! Here's a photo of her in her new house."
  • Lisa Marie (pup, Lab. Retr.): "She is doing great. A mellow puppy and loving. She's wonderful!"
  • Gunter (Min. Dachshund, smooth haired): "We are very happy. He is doing well and has shown no resource guarding. We are working on his reactiveness to other dogs and will get some obedience training too.
  • Sibella (Retriever): "She is very loving and sweet. We couldn't be happier with her."
  • Randolph (Retriever, pup): “We are in love with our new puppy. His name was Randolph but we changed it to Guinness. He is such a sweetheart. He is very calm for a puppy.

Bowser, re-named "Lucky" by his new family, is very happy in his new forever home.

I have been taking him to the kids swim team practice every morning.

All of the kids love to pet him and love on him.

We have a vacation house on the Potomac River that he goes to on the weekends.

He is learning how to swim and loves going on boat rides.

Our neighbors at the River house have two lab/mix puppies too.

They met each other this weekend and had a blast playing together.

Thanks you so much for making the adoption process easy!”

--WARL Staff

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