Thanks to Paris Hilton for her support of our Bali Dog Project

While in Bali, Indonesia last week, jet-setting fashionista Paris Hilton was struck by the suffering of the island’s dogs, tweeting that she couldn’t even sleep from her concern for the many she saw in such poor shape roaming the streets.

I understand how she was feeling. While in Bali it’s impossible not to notice the tragic sight of sick and injured street dogs roaming the villages and beaches. Especially for animal lovers traveling to this wonderful island, seeing dogs that are thin, injured, or riddled with disease is heart-wrenching. It’s often hard to reckon the contrast of the tragedy befalling so many of the islands dogs and cats against the wonder and beauty that is Bali and its people..

Just a few months ago the International Fund for Animal Welfare reported on some of the street dogs we’ve witnessed, like the black and white dog dying from strychnine poisoning, or the day we met two pups in dire straights, one whom we could save and the other we, very tragically, could not…

I know first-hand just how much Bali’s dogs and cats need help, and I’m truly grateful Ms. Hilton has not only noticed the suffering of the islands’ dogs but has taken time to share their situation with her millions of followers in an effort to bring attention and aid to their plight.

IFAW committed to Bali in 2002 by supporting a locally founded project; and after a rabies outbreak led the government to begin killing thousands of dogs in a misguided attempt to prevent the spread of disease, we helped fund an effort led by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), using the expertise of IFAW’s Bali-based team, to begin using vaccination to eradicate rabies from the island.

With a new project scheduled to launch in early 2012, IFAW and BAWA will be bringing much needed veterinary care to more of the island’s animals than ever before, and working with communities to improve care and compassion for animals.

With all of the hard work to come, we are so thankful for all of those who support our commitment to the dogs and cats on Bali.

So, “Thank You” to Ms. Hilton for not only speaking up for Bali dogs, but for acknowledging IFAW’s long-standing work to help the island’s companion animals.


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