Spreading animal welfare education around Moscow

“Mospriroda,” a state institution that oversees all 20 natural parks and 10 eco-centers within the Russian capital, is a perfect partner for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

In August I presented “Animal Action Week” to the heads and staff of eco-centers, and then my colleagues and myself gave two lectures at the Kuskovo eco-center (focused on wildlife trade and rehabilitation of orphaned wildlife, respectively).

In September and October, IFAW took part in the “Green Wagon” educational events, and on October 10 in the Central Lecture Hall of the Moscow Zoo as part of the International Festival of Green Film and Animation for Children we presented a new educational film and materials of “Keep Wild Animals Wild” educational program.

We have other local partners as well who have recently helped spread the word about Animal Action education.

  • “Zoo TV”, a TV channel with programming about animals and nature, aired “Keep Wild Animals Wild” last month to its viewership, which is over 1,000,000 people.
  • The State Darwin Museum held a day of animal conservation when we presented our new educational program.
  • The website of the TV channel about travel and nature “My Planet” published an item devoted to World Animal day, and the news item contained links to our new educational materials.

All these wonderful and free-of-charge opportunities to work within the framework of Animal Action Education became possible because of the cooperation of a variety of experts. 


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