Spotlight South Africa: Fresh fruit from new Animal Action Week partnerships

LINK: One of the resources developed for e-learning.Mid 2011 found me brainstorming on how we can rejuvenate the International Fund for Animal Welfare South African Animal Action Education Programme. 

Although our local schedule has been part of IFAW’s worldwide Animal Action Programme since 2003, the extent of our outreach to educators and members of the public has mostly included providing free materials to educators, organising beach clean up’s and Animal Action Awards. 

All good and well but we knew the time had come to “step out of the box” and change our focus. And in changing focus, it is sometimes necessary for someone or something to lead you around the “brick wall” which is hindering your progress, preventing you from seeing over the wall! 

That someone arrived in the form of an organization known as e-classroom.

A few adjectives come to mind when I think of e-classroom and their founder Natalie Wood; dynamic, fresh, exciting, exemplary. 

It didn’t take long to convince us that any kind of collaboration with this web-based educational resources company is just want we needed and would be pivotal in taking our education programme to the next level.

Past collaborations with other organisations had not always produced the desired results, but with nothing to lose, we started off by commissioning e-classroom to develop a set of elephant worksheets for us. 

Within weeks e-classroom statistics started proving the extent to which educators have been making use of their tools  as they incorporate them into the curricula. 

To keep the momentum going we are now having a set of worksheets developed for blind and visually impaired learners which will be distributed to schools throughout South Africa and be made available for download from the e-classroom and IFAW site.

It’s is still early days but I feel that we are finally headed in the right direction for IFAW SA to continue to uphold the programmes’ goal to educate, create an awareness and empower children and adults about animals, their habitats and environment.

-- LCH

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