Spotlight Libya: Crisis over for animals at the Tripoli Zoo

A lioness waiting for meal time at the Tripoli Zoo.Almost eight months after war exploded all around them, the animals at the Tripoli Zoo have finally found peace.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) Dr. Hedia Baccar met with zoo directors this month to deliver the latest installment of IFAW aid and confirm that officials in the capital of Libya are taking full responsibility going forward.

We first reported on the crisis eight months ago after the rebel army launched an offensive straight to Gaddafi’s compound of Bab-al-Aziziya located next door to the Tripoli Zoo, home to almost 900 defenseless animals.

The skeleton staff that remained at the zoo faced the worst of conditions as they scrambled to keep animals safe and alive with no electricity, no running water and more important, no way of getting food.

IFAW’s Dr. Hedia Baccar receives award from Tripoli Zoo Director Dr. Abdulfatah Husni and Dr. Abdulmola Beshyah. Thirteen days after Gaddafi’s regime was overthrown in the battle for Tripoli, IFAW managed to get funds to the zoo.

That first delivery of foreign aid was the start of a lifeline into the zoo that culminated last week. During the effort, IFAW teams led by veterinarian Dr. Ian Robinson and Dr. Hedia Baccar visited the zoo to meet the courageous staff at the Tripoli Zoo and the animals caught in the war zone.

“It was a great day. The animals are receiving the care they need and deserve and the management staff at the Tripoli Zoo was so grateful for IFAW’s support during these very difficult times," said Dr. Hedia Baccar, IFAW Middle East Advisor.

“None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of IFAW’s valued donors around the world," said Dr. Ian Robinson IFAW Animal Rescue Director. "Their immediate action proved to be life-saving for the animals caught in this conflict,” 

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6 years ago

i am from Libya and i just want to say thank you guys for doing this ..^_^

6 years ago

Wonderful. So glad you could help!

6 years ago

Thank goodness IFAW was there to assist in helping these animals. My their lives be improved and their needs catered for. Jan Whiteley

6 years ago

Bravo Michael Booth for attending to the war zone placed Zoo in Tripoli!

We always hear about the destruction to the human population which is heinous, but we rarely are given reports on the animal population, either domestic or of the zoo kind.

6 years ago

Well done IFAW and Tripoli Zoo staff...

A terrible ordeal for those poor defenceless animals as well as staff of Tripoli Zoo...
It's ironic that it took a war for another to receive an aWARd.

6 years ago

Glad the zoo got the help it needed! Only dark spot was that a tiger passed away before help could arrive.

6 years ago

Ich bin so froh, dass den Tieren geholfen wurde. Als ich dies im August 2011 gelesen habe. habe ich sofort gespendet.

Vielen Dank für Eure großartige Arbeit.

Viele liebe Grüße


6 years ago

Rassurée sur le sort de tous ces animaux eux aussi victimes de la guerre .

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