Red Rose Tea is indeed “good tea” for animals

Red Rose Tea supports the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s mission to rescue and protect animals around the world.


KEEP CALM AND DRINK RED ROSE: Red Rose Tea has partnered with IFAW!I am from a long line of tea drinkers and afternoon tea in my family is something of a tradition.

Taking time to get together, enjoy a cup of tea and share a few stories is a welcome moment in the day.

So our new partnership with Red Rose Tea is a perfect combination for someone like me.

The new specially branded packages of Red Rose Tea include information about how Red Rose customers can learn more about IFAW and our work rescuing and protecting animals around the world.

And for those who enjoy the great taste of tea without the caffeine hit, Red Rose Decaffeinated Tea will feature a beautiful collectible IFAW animal coaster.

These collectibles are symbols of our work in Africa and Asia fighting poaching and preserving vital habitat and migration routes; we know the images of animals will inspire people to join and support IFAW and Red Rose in our shared commitment to protecting our wildlife and environment.

Keep your eyes open for the eye-catching packaging next time you are shopping for tea, and if you’re a friend to the animals, perhaps you’ll serve Red Rose Tea to your family. If you’d like to join Red Rose in supporting wildlife, your gift will help IFAW protect elephants, lions, tigers and other animals.


Keep an eye out for these new boxes, available in shops this month!

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