Photos of flood tell a grim story

These photos from the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Center in Assam show how devastating the flood is.  It is taking a huge toll on helpless wildlife that has nowhere to go as the waters rise.  IFAW is scrambling to rescue baby rhinos, elephants, deer, and numerous other animals as the waters rise.  Please donate now and help us save these and other animals in need.

A hogdeer swims for its life Vast areas are underwater Dhara the elephant was injured fleeing the flood Dhara's leg was set in a cast A hogdeer seems to know that we're its only chance A rescued rhino calf waits as we help it We've named this rhino calf Asha -- one of the lucky ones! The IFAW team releases a rescued hogdeer A shelter is completely washed out

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6 years ago

Prayers for all of the animals and all of you for all you are doing for them.

6 years ago

i want this job so much.

6 years ago

Hello, i am the owner and founder of NCAWF ( North Carolina Animal Welfare Foundation). i will be donating 500 dollars to IFAW to save the animals. i know its not allot but anything helps right?

6 years ago

Hello Sashanka,

Thank you and the team for doing a great work for the animals during this time of need.
Asha is very cute and hopefully all will be well for her in your care.

S Sharma

6 years ago

A quite depressing moment for Kaziranga National Park ( a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Assam). Although the situation of Flood is a common phenomenon for Kaziranga every year, The main reason behind high animal casualty is the Highway No-37 which crosses through KNP at a stretch of around 80 Kms. This year (2012) so far more than 60-70 deers, 2-3 rhinos and elephant calf's were knocked down by speeding vehicle as reported.
Situation changed drastically as no of vehicles plying through this route and encroachment on stipulated animal corridors is increasing alarmingly in recent years. The demand is from many quarters to have a permanent solution of this animal killings by speeding vehicles like to have flyovers on stipulated animal corridors. Why government and MOEF is not willing in this matter or not working out any solution is a very grave concern for all animal lovers around the world. May be they are still unaware that the main problem of animal death is more the highway no-37 than the flood. I request all the interested as a responsible global citizen of the world kindly mount pressure on concerned responsible departments to have a workable solution in this matter. Otherwise, the day is not far that we will put many species to the path of extinction.

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