Pelusa, a dog we saved in Playa del Carmen, has been adopted (Español abajo)

Pelusa is enjoying her new life as Marbella’s guard dog and companion for her and her two babies.

A couple of months ago I shared a video about Pelusa, a sweet dog who had been owned by a young man who sadly committed suicide.

This left Pelusa to fend for herself on the street, eating whatever she could find or people gave her.

Without proper care and nutrition, poor Pelusa became very sick. Pelusa suffered from an extreme case of mange, a parasitic skin infection that causes animals to itch themselves raw.

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When we saw her for the first time, Pelusa was clearly malnourished and had lost most of her fur. We immediately started treating her skin condition and providing plenty of water and nutritious food.

Thanks to our intervention, and a local woman named Maria, who started feeding and caring for her, she started recovering.

Pelusa lives in Invasores, a disadvantaged neighborhood in the outskirts of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. As part of our Community Outreach Program, we have been doing weekly visits to Invasores for the past seven months, helping the people to improve the health of their dogs and cats.

We are pleased to report that Pelusa has been adopted!

She was adopted by Marbella, a local woman and neighbor of Maria, who took care of Pelusa and was so critical to her recovery.

When I asked Marbella why she adopted her, she told me that she was amazed by Pelusa’s determination to overcome her illness, because she is a fighter. But she also confessed me that Pelusa did a great job in making her fall in love with her.

Actually, Pelusa is such a happy, loving, and kindhearted dog that all of the neighbors can’t help but love her.

Pelusa is enjoying her new life as Marbella’s guard dog and companion for her and her two babies.

I am very grateful to our supporters, because thanks to them we are able to change the lives of so many animals and people just like Pelusa and Marbella!

To learn more about our work in Playa del Carmen, visit our page on working in Mexico.


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Así es que Pelusa es oficialmente la perrita guardián y compañera de Marbella y sus dos bebés.¡Pelusa va de maravilla!

!Tengo excelentes noticias que contarles! Hace unos meses les compartí un video acerca de Pelusa, una perrita que, tras el suicido de su dueño, se enfermó mucho.

Desde el momento que la vimos comenzamos a ayudarla y, gracias a nuestra intervención y la de la vecina Doña María, Pelusa comenzó a recuperarse.

Pueden ver el video de la sorprendente recuperación de Pelusa.

Pelusa vive en Invasores, una colonia de escasos recursos a las afueras de Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Como parte de nuestro Programa de Apoyo a la Comunidad, hemos visitado Invasores semanalmente por los últimos 7 meses ayudando a las personas a mejorar la salud de sus perros y gatos.

La excelente noticia es que… !Pelusa fue adoptada! Y la mejor parte es que la adoptó Marbella, habitante de Invasores y vecina de Doña María Chan, quien cuidó de Pelusa todos estos días.

Cuando le pregunté a Marbella por qué la había adoptado, me dijo que porque estaba sorprendida de la determinación de pelusa de salir adelante a pesar de su enfermedad y hambre, porque es una luchadora.

Pero también me confesó que Pelusa también hizo un muy buen trabajo en que se enamorara de ella, de hecho, Pelusa es una perrita tan linda y agradecida que todos los vecinos la quieren.

Así es que Pelusa es oficialmente la perrita guardián y compañera de Marbella y sus dos bebés.

Estoy muy agradecido con nuestros donantes, porque gracias a ellos somos capaces de cambiar las vidas de muchos animales y personas, hoy gracias a ustedes tenemos a una persona y perrita muy feliz.

¡Muchas gracias por su apoyo!



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