Partner spotlight: Northern Lights Wildlife Centre cares for two new bear cubs

The two cubs, "Blair" and "Terry" feast on bear foods, like apples.Two male grizzly cubs were rescued in late October from the Kootenay Rockies region of British Columbia after their mother was shot and killed.

Momma was caught raiding chicken and turkey coops and she and her three cubs were relocated.

Unfortunately, she and her three cubs found their way back.

Local residents assumed it was a different bear when they only saw one cub and shot both the mother and the cub.

Shortly after, the other two cubs were spotted and the Conservation Officers were called.

Northern Lights Wildlife Centre (NLWC) director and her husband, Angelika and Peter Langdon drove the 15 hours from their centre in Smithers, B.C. to retrieve the two cubs.

Upon arrival the cubs were weak and one was softly crying piteously.

Worried that they might not make it, Angelika and Peter immediately set out for the center to give supportive care.

Ten days later, the 8-month old cubs are doing well, feasting on apples and other “bear-appropriate” food.

And NLWC staff has named the cubs “Blair” and “Terry”.

The hope is that they will continue to do well for eventual release.

The grizzly bear project is a cooperative effort between the International Fund for Animal Welfare, NLWC and the British Columbia Ministries of Environment and Forest, Lands and National Resource Operations.

This pilot program will study whether releasing orphaned grizzlies is viable.

-- GA

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