National Puppy Day Slideshow: See how Kiki's puppies have grown, help us name them!

Kiki's pups

We’re still closely following our beautiful momma dog, Kiki, and her eight gorgeous puppies.

The little family is thriving under the care of IFAW’s own Dr. Erika Flores, who had offered to take in and help foster Kiki and her pups until they are old enough to be adopted into forever homes.

The puppies are living in a separated part of Erika’s house that is open to the outdoors a third of it covered fully by the roof of her house.

There were barriers keeping the puppies within that space, so that they were always protected from the elements, and  unable to wander off.

When they were younger , it was important to keep them in a shady area because their lack of mobility made them very vulnerable to the sun.

Now that the pups have discovered the use of all their senses, and are up and about, they’re getting more access to all the back  area of the house.

They’ve mastered climbing the stairs, and have even started their potty training. Playtime has increased tenfold. And, Erika tells me, it’s happening much faster now.

“When puppies are very young and they first start to play, it’s almost like they’re moving in slow motion,” she told me. “Now, they’re getting much quicker. They’re still not very agile though!”


And, they continue to grow by the day. Though they’re no longer nursing from mom much, they still need to eat several times a day.

Erika has almost entirely transitioned them from wet food to dry kibble, and she’s having trouble keeping up with their appetites!

“I feed them at 6pm at night, and then again at 10:30pm, and Mom still scratches the door at 6am to let me know that they need to be fed!” she says. Eventually, she decided to provide a kibble dispenser, to make sure the puppies had access to as much food as they needed.

As the pups gain their independence, momma Kiki is finding herself with more and more time to rest.

While she’s been doing a wonderful job of raising her pups, she seems to be grateful for a little distance now and then.

Even with the support of an attentive human foster mom, raising a litter this large is exhausting. Last week, Kiki suffered from some stomach problems. She seems to be feeling better now, but Erika has been keeping a watchful eye over Kiki.

Health for both mom and pups is critical to monitor at this stage.

When Kiki first came to Erika’s, she was covered head to toe in ticks. Since then, Erika has had to be very watchful of ticks on both Kiki and the pups, who are very vulnerable to parasites at their young age.

The puppies also received their second de-worming treatment last weekend. Luckily, living with a veterinarian is ensuring this family gets the best care around.

Now that they’re getting bigger and are full of energy, the puppies are starting to show their personalities.

We’re looking forward to getting to know each one of them, and we want your help to give them names! 

Look out for more information in our next post, and get ready to name those puppies!


Starting next week, we will be sharing photos of each individual puppy, and opening a naming contest.

Names will be judged based on the number of ‘Likes’ they receive on Facebook.  

Be sure to stay tuned as Dr. Flores continues to update us on the progress of these adorable puppies.

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