Moving Pookie the tiger from Texas to Indiana a great success

Pookie move

Pookie, a 15-year-old tigress, who had been living outside Dallas, has had to weather more than the record-breaking rainfall that has saturated many parts of the state recently.

Pookie’s owner had cared for her since she was a cub, after being rejected by her mother. Unfortunately, a recent diagnosis forced her owner to recognize that she could no longer care for Pookie and looked to other sanctuaries for placement. Nearby, InSync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center received the call. Unfortunately, they didn’t have space for Pookie and reached out to IFAW.

Using our Wildlife Rescue Alert System, a network we have set up to address placement emergencies, we were able to find lifetime care for Pookie at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Albion, Indiana.

Fortunately, Pookie appeared to be quite relaxed during the trip to her new home.  
We arrived at Black Pine with Pookie still chuffing sweetly at us, although I’m sure she was as ready as we were to stretch her legs. She did absolutely wonderfully from start to finish, and strolled out of her transport cage into her temporary quarantine enclosure with confidence and curiosity. We smiled as she explored her new surroundings, perking her ears and focusing her eyes on some of her strange new neighbors (perhaps the first time she’s seen wolves and bears).

Pookie’s successful rescue was the result of efficient networking, effective collaboration, and a genuine shared focus on her best interest.

I’m grateful to all those involved, and of course to our supporters who responded immediately to her need and enabled us to carry out this work.

I have no doubt Pookie will live out the rest of her life comfortably and happy thanks to the compassion of so many people like you!


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