Lucky tigress moved from campground cage in Arkansas finds new home in Texas

UPDATED: 3.6.14

Sheba has been gaining more and more confidence in her new environment, as her keepers report that she’s been eating well, taking her treats and coming up to greet her caregivers on a regular basis.

By carefully observing her behavior and comfort level, the qualified staff at In-Sync Exotics determined that yesterday was “the day” to give Sheba access to her playground and let her explore all that the yard has to offer.


It’s hard to imagine what was going through her mind as she felt the cool earth and grass beneath her feet, smelled the evidence of other tigers who enjoyed the yard earlier that day, or weaved in and out of the many enrichment items surrounding her.

Still, if her tenacity to leave no scent un-sniffed is any indication, her mind was full of adventure and dedication to living the rest of her life to the fullest. --KD


Sheba spent almost a decade in a small, concrete enclosure. While her owner loved her deeply, he wasn’t able to provide the proper environment or care to meet her needs as a tiger.

As shown in the video above, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center teamed up to remove Sheba from her campground cage and move her to In-Sync’s sanctuary in Wylie, Texas.

Sheba is still adapting to her new surroundings, which can be overwhelming at first, as she hasn’t seen another tiger since she was taken from her mother at a very young age.

Releasing her into the large play yard immediately would likely put Sheba in a very stressful and scary situation, so she will be allowed to gradually explore her new habitat at her own pace. Once she is comfortable, she will be romping around and diving in her pool like all the other tigers who call In-Sync home. 

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