Hopping mad at CES: joeys are not marketing gimmicks

DISH President and CEO Joe Clayton holds a wallaby mascot named Joey during a press event at CES. Photo: AFP/Getty ImagesUsing cute baby animals as mascots for entertainment or commercial promotions makes me hopping mad!

The most recent case was Dish network's promotion of their new 'hopper' box - highlighted by a kangaroo joey dragged onto the stage at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

Now I am sure this is a fine piece of technology and I am pretty certain it can stand on its own merits.

The inflatable kangaroo outside helps to draw attention to the 'hopper', as does the promotions team dressed up as kangaroos - all good PR.

There is simply no need to traumatise a baby animal. Live animals have no place at these exhibitions. And as an Australian it was upsetting to see one of my compatriots in distress.

Dish should be ashamed that they subjected this poor little joey to such unnecessary stress in a rather pathetic attempt to boost interest in their product.

I hope that consumers will let Dish know they were unimpressed by this stunt and that exhibition centres will tighten restrictions on live animals being used in promotions.


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