Giving thanks for happy tails at CLAW

This little pup came into CLAW’s Durban Deep clinic for his first vaccinations at the end of August. His name is Gaddafi and his owner, Julius, was very proud of him….The work of Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) can be stressful and difficult – but, oh, how thankful we are for the happy moments that make it worthwhile!

CLAW takes basic veterinary care to the informal settlements and developments across the West Rand, via mobile clinics that go out daily, visiting two or three places a day. The mobile clinics administer vaccinations and tick and flea prevention, as well as provide some basic care; back at base a veterinarian and vet nurses assist with more serious issues.

The West Rand near to Johannesburg, South Africa, is known for its gold mines which are some of the deepest in the world. In fact, eight out of the world’s top 10 deep mines are in South Africa, with one the Mponeng Gold Mine currently operating at a depth of more than four kilometres.

We hope you enjoy this little slide show of the some happy moments at the CLAW clinic in recent weeks and, on behalf of the pets and people we help, would like to thank IFAW’s generous supporters for their support.

… and listened carefully when CLAW director Cora Bailey gave him some advice on caring for his pup.

At the end of October, Gaddafi was back for his third and final puppy shots. He’s still got some growing to do – look at the size of that paw!

But Julius has clearly followed Cora’s advice – this pup is glowing with health, full of affection – and has a good appetite!

This Pomeranian cross (here seen in the CLAW vegetable tunnel) is a great father to his puppies. Their mom is a pure-bred Dachshund. The little family were rescued from a crime scene and they’ve been living at Durban Deep while the pups grew old enough to be homed. The whole family has now found excellent homes, with mom and dad able to stay together.

Here’s one of their babies, cuddling with a young visitor to CLAW.

This lovely lady was surrendered with her pups, because her owner could no longer afford to feed her. Isn’t she having a great time playing with her little ones on the grass at Durban Deep?

Who’s really in charge at CLAW? Rescue dog Napoleon, of course, happily bossing everyone around and greeting all arrivals.

Would you believe there’s some wolfhound in this mix? Such a starved puppy, a little waif of the storm, Sadie is eating like the wolf in her ancestry and picking up weight nicely.

Vixen is one of a litter from Soul City. When her mom died of biliary, Vixen needed nursing. Now she and Sadie eat out of the same bowl and play together as they get better by the day. New homes have already been found for Vixen’s litter mates.

Although she lives in a desperately poor informal settlement in the West Rand, Threelegs has survived the amputation of a back leg (it had been so badly broken that CLAW’s vet could not save it) and her caring and responsible owner walks her to CLAW from several kilometres away, to ensure she has all her shots and gets any medical care she needs. She’s a happy girl who gets by fine on three legs!


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