Celebrities unite in IFAW campaign to save Endangered Species Act from attack

Wednesday, 20 September, 2017
New York, NY


The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has partnered with over two dozen celebrities, including familiar stars like IFAW Ambassadors Pierce Brosnan and Slash; Samantha Bee, Nina Dobrev, Mark Ruffalo, Wilmer Valderrama, and Susan Sarandon, to stand together to fight off attacks on the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA), which has recently come under fire by Congress. Since its inception in 1973, the ESA has served as one of the world’s most powerful tools to protect thousands of iconic and beloved species facing extinction.

The #OneActForAll campaign features the celebrities in a series of images and videos, each paired with a different species that currently benefits – or could –from the protections of the ESA. The campaign assets will be disseminated through digital channels, including including www.oneactforall.com—an   action-focused website designed to easily allow supporters to join the campaign and contact their legislators instantly— IFAW’s social channels, and those of the celebrities and other supporters and influencers.

The ESA was created in order to protect wildlife from extinction and has proven to be a massive success, preventing the disappearance of 99% of listed species, including the bald eagle, grizzly bear, American alligator, humpback whale, California condor, black-footed ferret, and many other plants and animals.

"IFAW is standing up for endangered species when some of our elected politicians are putting targets on their backs,” said Jeff Flocken, North American Regional Director, IFAW. “The law that best protects our most imperiled animals is under attack. That’s why these celebrities have generously lent their voices to make everyone aware of what is at stake: the loss of beloved and iconic animals here in the United States and abroad."

Also joining the campaign are stars like IFAW Ambassadors Jane Goodall, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Joely Fisher, Mick Fleetwood, Myles Kennedy, Heather Morris and Goran Visnjic; as well as Madison Beer, Camilla Belle, Jai Courtney, Whitney Cummings, Gaby Dalkin, Alison Eastwood, Scott Eastwood, Leona Lewis, Arielle Kebbel, Josh Peck, Geoff Stults, Eddie Vedder, and Rainn Wilson.

Speaking as part of IFAW’s #OneActForAll campaign, actor and activist Mark Ruffalo said: “The symbol of the bald eagle for the United States represents freedom and strength. Thanks to the ESA and other environmental laws, their once critically endangered population has recovered. Attempts to dismantle the ESA could result in a domino effect, destroying hundreds of animals and plants under its protection right now. This is a game we can’t afford to play. I’m standing with IFAW, because we, as citizens of this planet, have a responsibility to protect it and all the creatures on it.”

Actor Wilmer Valderrama said: “Grey wolves at one point could be found all over the United States and have since been hunted to near extinction. The grey wolf has always been a spirit animal of mine. It is horrible to think that they might no longer be protected as an endangered species. Losing the ESA will have devastating ramifications on these and countless other endangered species.”

“It’s so important to safeguard the ESA from attacks in Congress,” said comedian Samantha Bee, who took action to help save the imperilled rusty-patched bumblebee. “Coincidentally, Rusty Patched Bumble Bee was my nickname in high school.”

Musician and IFAW ambassador Slash said: “The African Elephant population has been decimated over the last fifty years and needs the protections of the ESA. These animals so closely resemble humans – from their high intelligence to their social and familial structures. I am standing with IFAW to protect the ESA so we can help save elephants and all the other animals that so desperately need laws like the ESA to protect them for their continued survival.”

“Chimpanzees along with other great apes are our closest living relatives. We need strong laws like the ESA to truly protect them,” said Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace. “Without your support, the ESA will fall and if the ESA falls, all endangered species fall,” said Azzedine Downes, President and CEO, IFAW.

Visit www.oneactforall.com to learn more about the #oneactforall campaign, find contact details for your federal representatives and view additional celebrity campaign photos and videos.



About IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)

Founded in 1969, IFAW rescues and protects animals around the world. With projects in more than 40 countries, IFAW rescues individual animals, works to prevent cruelty to animals, and advocates for the protection of wildlife and habitats. For more information, visit www.ifaw.org. Follow us on social at @action4ifaw and Facebook/IFAW.


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