Celebrating World Penguin Day with Original Penguin

Penguins make you smile. They just do. So when our friends at Original Penguin suggested teaming up on a project for World Penguin Day, we got happy feet.

Comedy genius Lamorne Morris (from the hit sitcom New Girl) added his talent and we ended up with penguin gold!

But this World Penguin Day, we are asking you to do a little more than just smile.

We’re hoping you will share this video far and wide.

Spread the joy, but also the more serious message that penguins need our help.

Penguins are suffering from the impacts of climate change, oil spills and overfishing.

IFAW was one of the first responders to the massive Treasure oil spill off the coast of Cape Town in 2000, working with thousands of volunteers to rescue and rehabilitate some 40,000 African penguins.

IFAW has been proud to continue working with SANCCOB (the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) since that time.

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These days our work involves helping SANCCOB during ‘egg-season’ when African penguin eggs are rescued by rangers from the South African National Parks and CapeNature.

The eggs have either been abandoned by their parents or their parents were found nesting outside of the protected colony which puts the adults and chicks at risk.

Rangers relocate the parents to the safety of the colony and the eggs are brought to SANCCOB to be hatched and raised.

The African penguin was classified as endangered in 2010. There are only about 25,000 breeding pairs left in the wild which means the population is only about 2.5 percent of the estimated one million breeding pairs in the early 20th century.

With such a sharp decline, the survival of each individual is critical.

SANCCOB’s work is part of the Chick Bolstering Project (CBP), a multi-partner project which has hand-reared and released nearly 4,000 chicks back into the wild since 2006.

You can help protect penguins this World Penguin Day.

Share the video and check out some of the stylish Original Penguin gear, part proceeds of which will be donated to IFAW.

So come on, have some fun and help us make sure the story for penguins really does end happily ever after ….



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