Celebrating Tiger Weekend in Russian Far East

Tiger Day 2015

Vladivostok residents came out in droves to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the "Day of the Tiger."

This year, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Fund “Phoenix” organized a Tiger Quest, a scavenger hunt that revealed how many striped carnivore pictures and symbols are around Vladivostok, and more than 600 people took part.

It is not a secret that new tiger monuments appear in Vladivostok almost every year. But many people do not have any idea that tigers are “hidden” within, say, the city's coat-of-arms or the logos of the local football club.

Arsenyev Regional Museum provided quest participants free access to its premises (namely its tiger display). It also created an exhibition devoted to the work of state wildlife rangers, demonstrating equipment such as a remote-controlled drone, a walkie-talkie, a satellite phone, night vision binoculars, and a thermal camera.

We showed videos of rangers' work, talked about reintroduction of tigers into the wild and informed guests about capabilities of equipment presented at the exhibition (i.e. showing the photographs taken with camera traps and video cameras, or filmed from the drone).

At other locations participants painted and handcrafted tigers.

Participants told us they are now likely to pay more attention to conservation and animal welfare issues faced by tigers.

This project was made possible by our volunteers, namely Ulyana Serdyuk, who involved children in helping with the project. 

On Sunday, our group participated in the parade and manned a tent at the square, where volunteers held quizzes and did “tiger” face painting. We invited all quest participants to the tent to get their well-earned prizes from the previous day’s competition, including tiger T-shirts, cloth bags, bracelets, pins, pens, and booklets.

Finally, we held an award ceremony for the best wildlife rangers working in natural reserves. As in the previous years the winners were selected with the help of MIST/SMART program (implemented by Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Fund “Phoenix”). This year Mikhail Mikhailovich Borisenko from Lazovsky Natural Reserve and Vladimir Antonovich Malina from Ussuriysky Natural Reserve were recognized as the best wildlife rangers of natural protected tiger territories.

We estimate that more than 8000 people took place in the weekend festivities.


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