Canadian Northern Dogs: the one who almost got away….

Thor.The second community clinic started early with a snowy drive. Like last year when the Northern Dogs team visited the communities in April, in the north, winter is not over in April. 

One thing you can almost always count on is poor weather on those days when you have to drive. 

Early to rise and early in the vans, even in the poor weather we made it to our destination in under an hour and a half and immediately started unloading the vans – anesthetic machines, autoclave, medical supplies, intake materials, and bags of blankets for recovering dogs. 

Our second community is smaller than the first and since the vets can perform surgery on more than 40 animals a day, the clinic is scheduled for only one day. 

In that one day we can accommodate all those who are looking for vet services.

This is the community where I walked my fantasy walk the week prior. 

The bright building that we host the clinic in is one large room where intake takes place at the front, surgery in the narrow area at the back and recovery in between. 

People were ready with their animals as we unpacked and prepped our areas.  Kiera, Roxie, Brownie, Canelle, Maya and Brutus were the beginnings of a total of 49 animals brought in for just their vaccinations.

Princess, Neebin, Saka, Channel and Maggie were amongst those brought in for surgery.  And…. Thor, the one who got away last year. 

If you remember, after we had packed up last year, a large, brindle male was brought in for a neuter by his young owner.  While we were packed and ready to go, I told him to come to the clinic we were setting up two hours away. 

He didn’t come. 

But this year, who showed up with his owners to be neutered…? 


Same place, same Northern Dogs team, one year later.  The one who got away didn’t get away this time.  He was one of the seven males who were neutered along with ten females who were spayed. 

Fifty additional animals visited the clinic to receive their annual vaccines, 24 of whom had already been sterilized. 

Just as we unpacked this morning, we repacked and head to our final community clinic… 

-- JH

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