5 animal welfare posts you may have missed

Teams from all over the International Fund for Animal Welfare have been particularly busy over the last few weeks. Here are only five highlights from their rather amazing collective efforts.

1. WTO affirms EU ban on seal products

The finding of the WTO Appellate Body is another damaging blow to the sealing industry: The EU ban on seal products can remain.

2. Largest-ever Amur tiger release in Russia hopes to signal species return

Precisely a year after the tiger Zolushka’s wildly successful release, we’re back in Far East Russia for yet another mission to save the largest cat species in the world, the rare Amur (Siberian) tiger.

3. VIDEO: Animal rescue operations now complete from failed NY animal facility

On Wednesday morning, May 28th, as our crews were already busily loading the remaining tigers and other animals from the failed facility in upstate New York, one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time, and one of my personal heroes, Dr. Maya Angelou, passed away peacefully in her sleep.

4. White House rises to the challenge with bold new climate proposal

Animal lovers (and anyone else who lives on planet Earth) have something to get excited about this week: Five years after the collapse of Congressional efforts to pass climate change legislation, the U.S. government has finally made a big move to cut greenhouse gas pollution.

5. New national whale watching association launched-- in Japan!

Japan Whale and Dolphin Watching Council board members are drawn from seven regions around the Japanese archipelago, representing some 200 individual whale and dolphin watching operators around the country; together they announced plans for the first ever such association established here.

A pretty amazing set of stories from a truly hard-working program team, work made possible with support from kind people like you who care about animals. Thank you.


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