Crew Bios

Brant Backlund

Colorado-born Brant Backlund is a multiple award-winning Director and Producer of factual television and films. With degrees in Biology and Natural History Filmmaking, he has a passion for presenting complicated stories in new and interesting ways. His first film, Exhuming Adams, won several international awards including the prestigious ‘Wildscreen Panda Award’ for ‘Best Newcomer’ to the industry.

Since then, he has worked in Europe, the United States, Asia and New Zealand for different companies including History Channel, National Geographic, The Science Channel, Animal Planet, and NHNZ. Huntwatch is Brant’s first feature length documentary. Though not usually a criminal, he once inadvertently stole a car to go on a beer run in New Zealand.


Kerry Branon

Kerry has been producing short films on animals and the environment for the past ten years. Several have made their premier at U.S. festivals including Cleveland International, Aspen and San Antonio. Some of her favorite moments were interviewing Jane Goodall in her hotel room in NY and interviewing Cynthia Moss at her elephant camp in Amboseli National Park.

With a degree in Communications and Journalism, she loves pitching ideas and is tenacious about getting the story. A New England native, Kerry gets her inspiration from nature and enjoys the outdoors with her spouse Lisa and their 2-yr-old daughter Isabella. It is rumored that she was once seen liberating a tiger from a bar in Wyoming.


Dave Kennedy

Born to a CBS executive in New York, David is a veteran of wildlife filmmaking, a member of the New York Explorer’s Club, and has drunk beer with Buzz Aldrin. David honed his filmmaking skills in Los Angeles working alongside producer Michael Nesmith. He has twenty years of experience in film and media and his most recent project was working with multi-Emmy winning filmmaker Alison Argo, editing her film “Parrot Confidential” for PBS’s Nature series.

David ran away to become a clown in the All American Circus his senior year in high school and never looked back. Since then, he has slept in a toll booth on the Jersey Turnpike, smoked dope with Peter Fonda, wrestled alligators in Kissimmee, Florida, driven 168mph on a Ducati, stopped the Pompidou Fountain in Paris with an umbrella, been punched by Billy Idol, ran camera on an INTERPOL anti-poaching sting across Africa, and married the love of his life in Boston the day after the Marathon bombing. I know, he sounds like a clown... but that alligator part is true.


Richard Moos

For over 25 years Rich has been an award winning producer, director, DP, and editor, often at the same time. He has an extensive background in independent film and commercial television production and is the founder of Cathartic Filmworks, an independent film production company that produced features, documentaries, digital media, and commercials. The company’s first feature, “Squeeze,” was sold to and released by Miramax while Bob and Harvey were still running things. He has had the good fortune to travel the globe, filming stories that are rare and unique, with an access that few are afforded. He often returns home with stories of his own, mostly regarding the use of toilets in remote and unfamiliar places.


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