“In Honor of” and “In Memory of” gifts

Ways to show you care.

“In Honor of” and “In Memory of” gifts are wonderful ways to express your appreciation for someone special. 

Whether you want to honor a person or pet for their birthday, a holiday, or some other occasion…your "In Honor of" gift will show them how much you care for them and the animals. 

Or you may choose to remember a person or a pet with an "In Memory of" gift that pays tribute to them while giving a lasting legacy of care for the animals. 

When you make your gift, IFAW will send a handwritten card to the person you designate, informing them of your tribute.  When you make your gift online, simply click to let us know if you prefer a hand-written card or don't need one.

Currently, we only offer online tribute gifts in the United States.  Please contact us for assistance in other countries.

Make an "In Honor of" gift now

Make an "In Memory of" gift now

Thank you for choosing to help animals with a tribute gift to IFAW.