Dr. Elsayed Ahmed Mohamed, Regional Director, Middle East and North Africa

Dr. Elsayed Ahmed Mohamed

Regional Director, Middle East and North Africa


Elsayed’s focus as Director IFAW Middle East has been on training government officials who are responsible for implementing CITES convention agreements. In cooperation with IFAW’s Wildlife Trade Programme staff, he organizes Prevention of Illegal Wildlife Trade (Wildlife Law Enforcement) training in many Arab-speaking countries and works to increase capacity for fighting the trade within the region.

In addition to working with government officials on illegal trade, Elsayed has implemented Animal Action Education programmes for school children and conservation campaigns for the public in Middle Eastern and North African countries, increasing awareness of key IFAW wildlife and habitat concerns to the community at large. Under Elsayed’s leadership a "Think Twice" campaign, which educates tourists regarding the damage caused by trade in wildlife souvenirs, has also been organised within the region.

As a member of the United Arab Emirates national CITES team, Elsayed was responsible for issuing CITES permits and certificates, attending national CITES meetings and preparing United Arab Emirates Humane Handling of Marine Mammals in Captivity Guidelines. Internationally, Elsayed has been a regular attendee at CITES Convention of the Parties for many years.


Member, National CITES Team, United Arab Emirates
Veterinarian, Animal Wealth Department, Ministry of Agriculture, United Arab Emirates
Veterinarian, Quarantine and Inspections Authority, United Arab Emirates
Veterinarian, Quarantine and Inspections Authority, Egypt
Veterinarian, Ministry of Defense, Egypt


Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Alexandria University, Egypt
Advanced Diploma, Fish Health and Diseases, Alexandria University, Egypt


Pocket Manual: Common species in trade in the Middle East and North Africa.
Pocket manual: Common species in trade for South and East Africa.

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