Margaret Cooney, Whale Campaigner, IFAW D.C.

Margaret Cooney

Whale Campaigner, IFAW D.C.

Margaret leads the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s U.S. Shipping Campaign.

Prior to joining IFAW, Margaret worked as a Policy and High Seas Associate at Marine Conservation Institute.

She has her Masters in Sustainable Development & Conservation Biology from the University of Maryland, and her Bachelors in Biology from the University of Mary Washington.

Margaret has experience working on both marine and terrestrial conservation, having worked for WWF on their Congo Basin Initiative, and Conservation International on a proposed protected area in Guyana, while in graduate school. Prior to graduate school, Margaret worked as a researcher at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, where she assisted in the Golden Lion Tamarin Free-range Program, as well as in the artificial insemination of the female Giant Panda. Preceding her undergraduate degree, she worked as a municipal firefighter in Northern California.

Margaret is also involved in numerous other whale policy issues in IFAW’s D.C. Office.