Jeffrey Flocken, Former Regional Director, North America

Jeffrey Flocken

Regional Director, North America


Formerly with IFAW, Jeff led a team of legislative professionals advocating for US policy initiatives on wildlife conservation and animal welfare in his role as Regional Director, North America from IFAWs office in Washington, D.C. His work addressed improving government involvement with wildlife conservation and animal welfare issues within the U.S. and internationally.

Jeff was a member of the team of experts responsible for convincing eBay to ban ivory sales on all of its affiliated sites. He testified before the US Congress regarding polar bear legislation and was a member of the team of non-governmental organizations who wrote the technical petition to the US Secretary of the Interior to list the African lion under the Endangered Species Act. The listing, if approved, will have a significant impact on the survival of lions in the wild, as American hunters --who make up the majority of lion hunters globally-- would no longer be able to import trophies. 

Jeff briefed the US Congress on the Great Cats and Rare Canids Act of 2009. In addition to that briefing, which urged support for conservation of rare canids and felids within their range states, he is co-author of the report which documents steep declines in the populations of these species. Jeff is the co-founder and co-chair of Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders, which provides training and mentoring to up-and-coming conservationists. His upcoming book, Wildlife Heroes, which is co-authored by Julie Scardina, will be available in early 2012.



  • Co-founder and Co- Chair, Board of Directors, Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders
  • Member, Board of Directors, Jaguar Conservation Fund
  • Member, Steering Committee, IUCN Tapir Specialist Group


  • International Affairs Specialist, US Fish and Wildlife Service Division of International Conservation
  • Director of Education, Policy and Outreach, Conservation International
  • Manager and creator of the Keep the Wild Alive National Endangered Species Campaign, National Wildlife Federation


  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), English and Communications, University of Michigan
  • Juris Doctor, Wayne State University School of Law


Co-author, Wildlife Heroes, Running Press Publications, 2012.

Co-author, Fading Call of the Wild, IFAW, Panthera and Wildlife Conservation Society in cooperation with the IUCN Canids and Cats Specialist Groups.

Author, “Confessions of a Cautiously Optimistic Endangered Species
Conservationist”, Michigan Today Magazine.

Editor, Endangered Cats of North America, National Wildlife Federation.

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Jeffrey Flocken is no longer with IFAW
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+1 (888) 251-0253


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