Rebecca Brimley, Program Advisor

Rebecca Brimley

Program Advisor


While serving as Deputy Director of IFAW’s Animals in Crisis and Distress (now the Companion Animals and Animal Rescue Programmes), Becky helped shape what has become the Companion Animals Programme. In her role as Companion Animals Programme Advisor until 2016, Becky helped to take that programme to the next level, utilizing her skills as a team workshop facilitator and training in strategic planning and reporting to guide the team in ensuring that direct animal care projects have measureable, positive impacts on animal welfare globally.

As Director of the Bangor Humane Society, Becky was responsible for the smooth running of a facility caring for more than 5,000 animals each year. She was instrumental in funding and opening the in-house veterinary facility while at BHS. Becky also brings an in-depth knowledge of animal welfare and conservation issues to IFAW from her previous work as campaigner, technical advisor, and programme manager for a variety of non-governmental organizations in the US and UK.


Shelter Director, Bangor Humane Society, USA

Deputy Director, Animals in Crisis and Distress Programme, IFAW International

Cetaceans Campaigner, Environmental Investigation Agency, UK

Representative, Wildlife and Countryside Cetaceans Working Group, International Wildlife Coalition, UK

Assistant to the Director General, Save the Children Fund, UK

Liaison Assistant, Wildlife and Countryside Link, UK


Bachelor of Science (BSc. Hons), Marine Biology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Master of Science (MSc.), Conservation, University College London, UK

Graduate, Bangor Region Leadership Institute, USA

Certificate, International Union for the Conservation of Science (IUCN) Conservation Breeding Specialist Group-Population and Habitat Viability Assessment Facilitator


Journal Articles

Holliday, S., Johns, R., Ryle, J. and Thornton, A. 1996. The Continuing Global War Against Small Cetaceans. Environmental Investigation Agency, London.