Cora Bailey

Cora Bailey

Director, Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) (2005-2016)


Cora is the founder of Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW), an IFAW project which provides basic veterinary healthcare and humane education to indigent communities in more than 30 townships and informal settlements in South Africa, many of which receive no other support services from government or charitable sources.

Cora’s team provides cats and dogs with free vaccinations, spay/neuter operations, and operate a permanent vet clinic/animal hospital. Mobile clinics bring veterinary care to pet owners who have no access to health care for their dogs and cats, in areas where no other organisations will venture.

IFAW's animal clinic also serves as a platform for educational outreach and activities, teaching thousands of South African children the importance of treating animals with kindness. The project assists in poverty alleviation by training members of the community to grow organic vegetable gardens.

Cora and her team network with social support organizations which provide assistance for people living with HIV/AIDS, food aid for the destitute, support for child-headed households, and we help these organisations access clients in the areas in which we work.

Within IFAW, Cora has helped to develop and champion the community-led approach to animal welfare issues surrounding dogs, cats and other companion animals in underprivileged communities. 


Manager, SPCA, Johannesburg, South Africa

Lisa Cant-Haylett blogs about her visits to Cora's projects and other IFAW dog and cat projects in South Africa.


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