Charlotte Nivelet

Charlotte Nivelet

Companion Animals Project Manager

Since November 2011, Charlotte has been working with IFAW to launch CAIR, a welcome and information centre in Reims, France, that would provide for the care of companion animals belonging to homeless people.

The CAIR project would give homeless people a place where they could bring their animals for food, vet consultations and other services. One of the centre’s aims is to rehabilitate both the companion animal and the owner by giving the animal temporary shelter while the owner is on a job interview, visiting the doctor or is otherwise engaged and unable to bring the animal along.

Prior to joining IFAW, Charlotte worked at the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, the animal rights organization, where she participated in animal rescues and wildlife conservation projects in France and abroad, among other activities.

Charlotte is a biologist with a PhD in ethology--the scientific study of animal behaviour. For her PhD, she spent a year in Kenya at a wildlife rescue centre researching ways to reduce conflicts between humans and monkeys in tourist areas.


Brigitte Bardot Foundation, Wildlife Project Coordinator

Zoo de Vincennes, Parc Animalier de la Haute Touche Organiser (pedagogical workshop for children)


Master of Biology, University of Henri Poincare, Nancy, France

PhD, Ethology, University of René Descartes, Paris, France