Katie Moore, Deputy Vice President, Conservation and Animal Welfare

Katie Moore

Deputy Vice President, Conservation and Animal Welfare


As Deputy Vice President, Conservation and Animal Welfare, Katie is responsible for developing and directing IFAW’s animal rescue vision and planning together with the VP of Programs and International Operations, animal rescue team, country offices and program staff. She identifies, develops and oversees the implementation of strategies to globalize animal rescue programs and establish IFAW as the premier animal rescue and relief organization worldwide.

Before taking on her current role, Katie was manager of IFAW's Marine Mammal Rescue and Research team of six scientists and responders and more than 350 volunteers. Previously, Katie had led the Cape Cod Stranding Network (CCSN), since its inception in 1998 until the organization merged with IFAW in 2007.

Under Katie’s leadership release rates for stranded marine mammals on Cape Cod went from 14 percent to more than 70 percent because of the team’s constant efforts to improve health assessment techniques and supportive care, and reducing response time by using highly trained volunteers. Katie led the team in developing techniques for preventing mass strandings, resulting in a 70 percent success rate overall and a 96 percent prevention rate for Atlantic white-sided dolphins.

In Madagascar, Katie used those techniques in the efforts to attempt to move over one hundred melon headed whales from an estuary. She also provided guidance in gathering data to try to determine the cause of the incident. Katie was a member of the team of experts called to Argentina to investigate a series of southern right whale mortalities and has served as on-site coordinator during other marine mammal unusual mortality events.


Manager Marine Mammal Rescue and Research, IFAW

Official Responder, Southern Right Whale Stranding Response, Argentina
On-site Coordinator, Unusual Mortality Event -Whales in the Gulf of Maine, National Marine Fisheries Service, USA
Acting Regional Marine Mammal Stranding and Disentanglement Coordinator, National Marine Fisheries Service, USA
Executive Director and Lead Scientist, Cape Cod Stranding Network (now IFAW MMRR)
South East Region Stranding Network Area Representative, National Marine Fisheries Service, USA
Area Representative, Marine Mammal Stranding Network, National Marine Fisheries Service, US
Member, Society of Marine Mammalogy
Cape Cod Red Cross Adult Animal Hero Award
NOAA Northeast Region Stranding Network David J. St. Aubin Award for Excellence
ICS Certification: ICS 100, 200, 300, 700


Masters of Environmental Management, Duke University, USA

Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Studies, Wheaton College, USA

Selected Publications

  • Moore, K.M.T. and S.G. Barco. 2013. Handbook for Recognizing, Evaluating, and Documenting Human Interaction in Stranded Cetaceans and Pinnipeds. U. S. Department of Commerce, NOAA Technical Memorandum, NOAA-TM-NMFS-SWFSC-510, 102p.
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