IFAW’s green initiative

As an international nonprofit organisation dedicated to animal welfare and conservation, IFAW recognises that how we conduct our business, institutionally and individually, inside and outside of the office, has a direct impact on the environment around us, and on the animals and habitats we work to protect every day.

Though our core business is not, in itself, polluting, we recognise that any business operation with more than 200 employees in 15 countries can use a large amount of energy and resources. Our international headquarters exemplifies our high standards for green operations receiving the United States environmental LEED standard gold certification.

Throughout all our offices and operations, IFAW regularly reviews and makes efforts to minimize the energy consumption; to reduce, reuse and recycle products; to reduce waste and to support ecologically sustainable products. We encourage staff to use public transportation, bikes, share rides or use energy efficient cars when commuting. Telephone conferences and web-based meetings reduce the overall travel required of staff members. We encourage green, animal-kind procurement policies when ordering supplies. We also have a catering policy for IFAW events that reflects our mission.

This initiative ensures that our business operations apply best practices for minimising the organisation’s environmental footprint and contribution to climate change.